2018 NYE SALE - 20% off everything + free giveaways!!

Kimoyes currently has two special offers which will last until midnight Sunday Jan 7th

Dear Customers,

2018 is upon us and to celebrate we've got several promotions! Please read on for details of our New Year specials...


Now that the Xmas rush is over and the dust has settled, we are offering our customers a 20% OFF all stock on the KimoYES website and also 20% OFF all fabrics in our ACT KimoYES shopfront (excludes half price items).  We've just added some new items to the website including some stunning kimono and panels which are of course included in the sale.  This Sale ends at midnight on Sunday Jan 7th. Below are a few of the bargains up for grabs...

KimoYES product # 21600
KimoYES product # 21592
KimoYES product # 21586
KimoYES product # 21561
KimoYES product # 21557
KimoYES product # 21543
KimoYES product # 21520
KimoYES product # 21515
KimoYES product # 21509
KimoYES product # 21597
KimoYES product # 20764
KimoYES product # 19604
KimoYES product # 11457
KimoYES product # 21415
KimoYES product # 21236
KimoYES product # 20958

We are also giving away our popular $50 fabric packs to selected customers who spend $50 or more during this first promotion of 2018. To celebrate the coming of 2018, if your invoice ends in either a “1” or “8” , we will include one of these FREE popular fabric packs with your order. Have a look at a few samples of these packs below. Each pack contains a minimum of 5 yards of quality silk kimono fabric...


Our Phillip shopfront will be open during our regular hours throughout the holiday season. No New Years break for us this year! Please drop in and say hi...


Thank-you for your ongoing support during 2017. We appreciate your online and in-store custom and feedback. We wish you a safe and happy New Year and look forward to seeing, or hearing from, you in 2018


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