2017 Spring Cleaning SALE - 20% off Bolts + Value Bundles + Lucky Invoices!!

Kimoyes currently has two special offers which will last until midnight Monday October 23rd

Dear Customers,

Now that Spring cleaning is out of the way, I have some value packed bags of kimono fabric table scraps, floor sweepings, offcuts and bolt ends. All are half price, but only until the end of this KimoYes sale which ends at midnight next Monday 23rd of October. I have also included some supersized, colour packs which include an extra long coordinated silk piece (see below). These bags are limited, so hurry to grab these...

KimoYES product # 21276
KimoYES product # 21275
KimoYES product # 21274
KimoYES product # 21273
KimoYES product # 21270
KimoYES product # 21267
KimoYES product # 21264
KimoYES product # 21266

 20% Off All Bolt Fabrics 

That's right. All bolt fabric on the KimoYes website and in the Canberra shop are 20% OFF until the end of this October promo (midnight next Monday 23rd of October.). This discount applies to all bolt kimono fabric, yukata cottons, and to obi bolts. Be quick as these bolts disappear quickly at this price...

KimoYES product # 21255
$7.00 $5.60 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21243
$6.25 $5.00 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21260
$7.00 $5.60 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21241
$10.00 $8.00 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21239
$7.50 $6.00 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21086
$17.50 $14.00 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21076
$6.50 $4.00 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21008
$9.00 $6.00 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21236
$4.00 $3.20 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21234
$4.00 $3.20 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21231
$4.00 $3.20 1/2 yard

KimoYES product # 21138
$4.00 $3.20 1/2 yard

 KimoYES Lucky Invoices 

During our October Promotion, we are giving away our ever popular free $50 silk packs to customers whose invoice number ends with a "5". There is a one in 10 chance of winning and there is no minimum spend to have a chance. Good Luck!

 What's New In The Canberra Shop? 

On my most recent trip to Japan, I acquired some exclusive and beautiful Christmas themed sashiko kits which are now in the shop. I also returned with some hand machined pins and needles from Kyoto. Some of the pins have hand made glass heads in the shape of animals, flowers and so on. If you are lucky enough to live in, or visit Canberra, it is worth your while to drop in and have a look. 


Happy sewing for the the coming Christmas period.  In a few weeks time I will be offering KimoYes newsletter readers a new and exciting Christmas themed kit for giving or making and at a heavily reduced price for a few days only.  Keep an eye out for this festive kit.


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