Regarding colour

We understand that customers who buy fabric online often have concerns regarding the accuracy of the colours represented in online stores. At kimoYES, we go to every effort to ensure that the fabric we sell is represented as accurately as possible. If you have any doubts, or need clarification regarding the colour of a particular item, please contact with your enquiry.

Fluroescent fabrics
Some of the fabrics from our catalogue contain fluroescent dye which is impossible to render accurately on a computer screen. These dyes are generally orange, red, lime, yellow and pink. We do our best to match the colour, but additionally we make a note of which products contain this specialty dye.

Metallic thread
Some of the fabrics from our catalogue contain metallic thread, usually gold, silver or bronze. This spectecular thread is usually captured in the photographs of the item, however we also mention it in the product description as well.